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Adoption Event We are having an Adoption Event this Saturday, May 11th 2024. – WHAT IS THAT? An Adoption Event is for people who have an active application on file with us &/or are actively wanting to adopt a puppy / dog from us. – CAN GUESTS JUST COME TO MEET THE PUPPIES & CUDDLE? […]

We are having an OPEN HOUSE at our VHS Facility this weekend! ❤ Saturday, April 13th. 10am to 2pm At the VHS Facility 4217 Glanford Avenue, from 10am – 2pm. ❤ WHO WILL BE THERE? We will have PUPPIES, and AMAZING ADULT DOGS (hopefully) , that are all looking for THEIR FOREVER homes.

Rescue Warriors of the Victoria Humane Society

Penny Stone, VHS Founder and ED has always emphasized that rescue takes a village. Indeed, but rescue also requires warriors—individuals who are readyto stand up for the rights of animals, people willing to contribute what they can to help, people who are committed to the collective effort of rescuing animals in need.

Another big day! This weekend (the first weekend of December) we welcomed 63 new animals into care! Dogs & Cats, Kittens and puppies…

Giving Tuesday We are so grateful to remind you that Giving Tuesday is quickly approaching! As a national day of generosity following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s a wonderful opportunity to spread kindness and support causes that are important to you. If you have anything left to give, we want to express our deep […]

We are having an OPEN HOUSE at VHS Facility this Saturday November 4th!!! We will have PUPPIES, and AMAZING ADULT DOGS (hopefully) , that are all looking for THEIR FOREVER homes. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, come meet some of our WONDERFUL & AMAZING dogs!! Only approved adopters will actually be […]

A pregnant momma in distress on Friday the 13th and a herculean effort to save her and her babies. We are not out of the woods yet and are asking for your positive thoughts, good wishes  and support. We got the call on Friday the 13. Mama was there and needed an emergency C-section to […]

50/50 draw

The monthly 50/50 draw has been a great way to boost the medical fund. So many animals have been saved with your help. Please continue to play and share. Thank you for caring! Read on to see a list of winners and to get your tickets on the next page Click here to get your […]

Join our OPEN HOUSE at VHS Shelter on Sat. October 7th You Asked! We Listened! Many people, who missed our Open House a few weeks ago, have asked that we hold another one! Well, guess what? We are going host an Open House this Saturday, Oct. 7th from 10am – 2pm Where: Victoria Humane Society […]

A list of all the 50/50 and diamond draw winners to date. The monthly draw continues throughout 2023 – will you be next? Victoria Humane Society Raffle Winners Month Winner Ticket # Prize April 2023 Sheila Eaglestone D-3795   March 2023 Grant Breiland D-2562 $10,000 February 2023 Bailey Moorhouse D-1562 Diamond ring December 2022 Ian […]

50/50 Winner Lisa Banks

$9700! Lisa Banks won the November 50/50 draw We have awarded over $88,000 to winners this year but more importantly, we have put the VHS share into the critical fund, that’s the medical account used to save lives. Thank you to all who have played with us and hey, why not play again. The next […]

CHESTER HAS BEEN RESCUED! VHS has a slogan: Let the Love Begin. Today that statement is lifesaving for Chester who has spent an entire decade in a family who outright stated that the ‘hated that dog,” and they were going to kill him. Their declarations were not hard to believe when we saw the shape […]

Chained to a dog 'house'

     Spike’s New Life Or The Difference You Can Make by Fostering  Spike was a prisoner on a 6 foot chain for almost his entire life (12 years). He had a dog house, he was fed and must have had access to water. As astounding as that is, under Canadian laws that’s enough. What […]

This is a Story of an Amazing Dog And an Amazing Girl So grab your morning coffee (and maybe some Kleenex) and sit down for a morning read. This story starts in Manitoba where we received a request to take Raven into care as she needed help. You see, Raven had been seen running, dragging […]

It’s a Happy New Year for 24 dogs and puppies who were saved from freezing by a team of incredible volunteers. Click on the link at the end of this post to see our video of their arrival. (3.5 minutes) Not blizzards, nor icy roads. Not freezing temperatures or ice slicked highways. Not multiple car […]

2021 Was a challenging year for the Victoria Humane Society but with the help of donors, volunteers, foster homes, veterinarian staff, and adopters, it was also an amazing year. Before we tell you about the year, let us tell you about Raven. Found in a Northern community held for days in a vicious leg hold […]

The Diamond Raffle winner took home a prize with an assessed value of over $17,000!

Thanks to an amazing donor, we have a $17,000 diamond necklace to raffle off. For just $10 you can be in on the draw and have a chance to win a beautiful diamond, one that every jeweller is impressed with. The clarity and the cut are exemplary. And you know what is even better, you […]

It’s been a week of more emergencies, including 10 puppies who were left out in heat of the Northern Province and infected with Fly Botts. It’s a really horrific circumstance for these poor little souls and we are using your donations to attempt to save them. Surgery to remove hatching larvae under their skin is […]


Watch for our next raffle and your chance to win this beautiful diamond ring with an appraised value of $4,035!

Bottle Drive Sunday hosted but the Ocean 98.5 and Used Victoria

Barking for Bottles City Wide We are so grateful to Ocean 98.5 and the Bottle Depot. For the entire month of March they have been conducting a bottle drive with all proceeds going to help rescue animals. They are at $8,544.70 and are pushing their way to way above $10,000 with a drive-thru drive this […]

THANK YOU DEVIN MEADS – YOU ARE INDEED AN EXTRAORDINARY HUMAN BEING! Devin walked 100 kilometres and raised $22500 for animals in care. THANK YOU DEVIN! Hear about the walk from Devin – just click on this link And if you would like to contribute to his total please go to victoriahumanesociety.com/donate

Imagine driving through the night into the wilderness that is Northern BC and not knowing if you are going to be able to complete your rescue mission because the vehicle you are driving is making a strange noise.

It’s not perfect and it doesn’t have acres of outdoor areas that we would love for the dogs but it is zoned for our need and we are going to make it work – we just need some help! We need volunteers, contractors, donations, and cash to make it happen. We know these are crazy […]

How does one carry on animal rescue when the world has been stopped by an insidious virus that threatens our health and our livelihood? The answer is as always, we just do.   Just as we do when the many animals who have come to us scared, neglected, and hurt strain our resources, damage our […]

This Giving Tuesday we have a special request Winter in the northern Prairies is harsh and domestic animals are freezing. We have one week to get as many out as possible before flying becomes too difficult to accommodate dog crates. 26 dogs came in last night, more are on a flight this weekend and our […]

The good people at Bernstein & Gold Boutique and Outlooks for Men are at it again. It’s time for the 14th Annual MAN & HIS DOG (with a Few Good Women) FASHION SHOW Wednesday, November 13 at The Inn at Laurel Point FOOD, DRINKS, FASHIONS, FUN AND DOGS, LOTS OF DOGS Hop over to our […]

It’s been so busy were bug-eyed! 51 Animals came into care this week. That’s about 250 phone calls just to set up fosters, and then there’s transportation arrangements, vet visits, emergency call-outs and oh so very much more! We are running as fast as we can so if you’ve tried to reach out and we […]

The 2019 Fetching Ball was held on April 5 and it was a huge success. Everyone had great fun and we made a lot of money that will help us take care of our furry friends while we continue the search for a new facility. Check out the Victoria Humane Society Facebook page for photos […]

Check out the events page and get your tickets to the Fetching Ball. It will be held on April 5 at Pier B – a lovely location at the Cruise Ship terminal. We’ve booked some fun entertainment including a free-style dog demo – lots of fun tricks and cool dance moves. There will be food, […]

Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do. I’m half crazy all for the love of you. Does anyone else remember these fun lyrics? Our new medical miracle, Daisy, the shepherd mix, epitomizes them. Each and every volunteer who meets her seems to fall in love. Daisy came to us after being lost and afraid and […]

Unless you have Malamute or a Husky or some such heavy coated pet, chances are your dog or cat is somewhat cold and wet averse.

Well-intentioned people often make mistakes. And one of them is giving pets – puppies, kittens, hamsters guinea pigs, ferrets, caged birds — to people who never asked for them or who are not equipped either financially, emotionally or in terms of the physical environment they can provide for a pet.

It’s been an incredibly busy year at VHS and we have a lot to celebrate. Let’s start with the animals.

Folks, meet Bucky a truly sweet pit bull cross who has had a turn of luck, just in time for Christmas — thanks to VHS.

Tuesday, November 27 is such an important day for charities – and an important day for us! Every year the movement for good that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday gets bigger and better. We are so very grateful to the generous people who decide to dedicate their #givingtuesday to us. Whether that is a cash […]

Oh, my heavens there are a lot of puppies. From a large litter of puppies who lost their mom in childbirth to a litter that was found left in the trash, with donor’s help, VHS is here to help every single pup that we can.

Leroy’s abuse broke our hearts. But now he’s well and ready for his forever home.

BRODY AKA LEROY Imagine driving down the highway and seeing a weary dog on the side of the road, dragging a chain around his neck. Such a sad sight was presented to our good Samaritans on August 20thas they drove though the BC Interior. They managed to collect the dog only to find his neck […]

We are pleased to announce the creation of VHS “Pet Partners”

When you’re alone, when you go to a wedding and have to line up as a single woman to catch the bouquet (or the garter for those of the male persuasion), do you scatter like a cockroach in the kitchen light when the bouquet heads your way? Does the phrase “Match.com” make you vaguely uneasy? […]

Monthly donations provide a stable foundation upon which we can continue to operate

Doggie Yoga

Goat yoga is fun but puppy yoga is amazing! Take a break and enjoy some more great photos! Thanks to the team at Moksha Yoga Westshore, who came up with a brilliant event that raised funds and helped to socialize puppies. Follow the link above to see more super fun photos by the talented Nicky […]

We’d like to ask anyone thinking of becoming a VHS foster to assess about how you can best help us and ultimately help an animal in need.

Wee Nate is just a wee 9 weeks old now but he came close to not making it at all.

A horrific case of animal cruelty recently led to community action in Duncan when hundreds of community members gathered together to demand action and justice for Teddy…

Hey, yoga has done pretty well by expropriating the downward dog right?

Just a reminder to all our dog lovers and owners to get your dog vaccinated for Parvo virus.

Many communities across our community and the province have feral cat populations.

We wanted to update you on Fraser, the injured Shepherd-cross who came into care several weeks ago.

You are the lifeblood of our work on behalf of animals.

You are the lifeblood of our work on behalf of animals.

As a non-profit organization, the Victoria Humane Society depends entirely on donations from kind-hearted people like you. Every month, we rescue literally dozens of dogs and cats, and sometimes other small animals, many from horrific circumstances such as neglect, starvation and abuse. The associated costs of rescue are significant, from arranging transportation for the animals out of remote communities and into our care, to emergency medical bills to save animals lives, to spay and neuter costs, vaccinations, hospitalizations, medications and on-going food costs and incidentals. Monthly and one-time donors are literally our most critical form of support. We thank you for donating what you can today.

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